BUILK Construction United

BUILK has started off by being the Asia FIRST ever free online web-based application for the construction business society under a concept to digitise the construction industry.

Today, there are more than 18,000 SMEs construction businesses in five countries within the Southeast Asia region that has used the managing functions under BUILK system, which are Thailand, Indonesia, Lao, Myanmar, and Cambodia. In 2016, BUILK had started developing various applications, whether it’s for the supplier, the construction materials manufacturer and even the real estate developer; including JUBILEE by BUILK.

More than importantly, BUILK promises to keep continually improving the software to be the main vital motivator to make a change of digitising the construction industry and shift all construction business types to use technology in their daily working habit.

Small thought aspired the construction society alteration

We believe that new technology could be fully called as “innovation” when it has been used in the wide circumstance and make some positive impact toward numbers of people. Our software might not going to totally change the industry, if we chose to do business in an old manner as sale its at a high price to result is going to turn out as not many of people can really afford it.

The construction business platform creation started off by developed a free software for all businesses to have a chance to try it and we receive the income from our sponsors, which is new to the software and Thai construction industries. Many said we are insane, and it took years to prove our intention and Business Model.


The main reason that we could possibly develop the free software for the SMEs contractors is we got the sponsored income from whether supplier brands, modern trade manufacturers, banks and real estate owner; they combined to give us the trust and support to be another advertising channel and including arrange event person for them. All these CSR amounts that we got, we bring it back to create tools and knowledges to make all SMEs contractors to be even more stronger.

BUILK strongly being impartial platform that able to work with any brands to build a powerful society together.

BUILK Business Model Innovation 

From free software moving into a B2B e-commerce for the construction industry. Today, we called our business model as Workflow-Integrated Marketplace with the databases that kept getting expand wider and wider. Our user has worked on the efficient workflow that able to lower the cost & risk in the business by link the supply chain of the construction industry together; from the supplier, store owner, contractor, and the project manager. And it conduces to be a marketplace for the construction industry in the digital era.

Construction United

The construction industry will still be the important industry within ASEAN region in the next ten years, at least. Within this century, there will be an enormous investment on the construction site, thus, its the most important chance and challenge for us to implement the best platform to improve the construction industry to be better.