JUBILI by BUILK – Online CRM & SFA for Construction Material Store

JUBILI by BUILK : Win the Sales, Win Customer’s Heart

JUBILI by BUILK – an extended solutions from BUILK, the largest construction business management platform in Asia that helps more than 18,000 contractors save their time and money. Our cloud-based solutions have proven success in manage construction business with simple-yet-effective process and also united construction community in Southeast Asia and shifting them onto a digital platform.

Smart contractors are waiting for smart suppliers So, it’s time!

Empowering Construction Material Stores

The new era of the management system for construction material store is coming. With JUBILI by BUILK, the cloud-based CRM & Sales force automation helps associate the salespersons and customer relation department which serve a better sale productivity. Furthermore, the executives are able to be real time informative on team and individual sales performance and plus, keep improving key sales metrics. And more importantly, the customers will be even more loyalty.  

JUBILI by BUILK is a system that has specifically designed for a construction materials stores, with the goal to support the stores to have a better working performance and ready to be successful construction e-commerce sites. 

  • Set an Objective
  • Sales Leads
  • Daily Sale Activities
  • Customer Profile
  • Contact Log
  • Quotation
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Performance Report
  • Sales Commission Report
  • Permission Setting




  • Annual Subscription – call
  • FREE Use – by ordering the material from the suppliers / BUILK sponsors within the minimum cost required. 

Change the old traditional construction store into digital like I-JU, you can do it too!


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